Our Story

The moment everything began for Keith Carpenter (lead pastor for Epic Life), was in the midst of a dream. In the dream, he went through a town with a group of people dedicated to sharing the message of Christ. Keith spoke with the elderly, the homeless, and a young woman, explaining how Jesus forfeited His Deity by entering this world in human flesh to become like humans. He spoke of how Christ gave His life as a sacrifice to forgive sin in order that men and women could experience the beauty of a reconciled relationship with God. As this message spread, the entire town was transformed as Jesus Christ came to into people’s lives, healing them of sin, brokenness, and hopelessness.

Keith was already involved in full-time ministry for a church in Minnesota, and loving every minute of it. But with that dream, he sensed that God might be calling him into a new place, a new city, a new form of ministry, the starting of a church.

As God provided confirmation through circumstances and people around Keith, the next step was to invite others into this journey and calling. After 2 years of preparation alongside of 10 others, Keith and the team moved from Minnesota to Seattle, at that time the most unchurched city in the nation. God’s desire for the church to be a unique part of the city became evident as door after door opened for the central location to be in the Northgate Neighborhood, directly along the Aurora Corridor.

Epic Life transitioned from beginning stages to being open to the public on Oct. 4, 2009 and has been growing in depth and breadth ever since. We consider ourselves blessed as we continue to witness and experience God’s transforming love at work in North Seattle.