Incarnational Ministries seeks to facilitate opportunities for God’s love, justice and mercy to be made tangible through the Church in the context of relationships, on the foundation of church training and partnership.

Scripture teaches us that faith without works is dead (James 5:16), that the second greatest commandment given by Jesus is to love your neighbor as yourself (Lk 22:39) and that we were created with specific gifts distributed by the Holy Spirit to serve and build up others (Eph 4:12). Just as Christ modeled his love by becoming flesh and dwelling among us to make salvation known (also known as the incarnation of Jesus Christ Jn 1:14), we now have the mandate as Christians to embody Christ's love to others by making it tangible. At Epic Life Church, we take this mandate seriously. We know living a life that seeks to model Christ's love begins right in our own families, backyards, sidewalks and streets.

In light of this, our current avenues within IM include...

• The Aurora Garden
The Aurora Garden exists to cultivate a space where God can encounter people through tangible beauty, through conversation and through the planting of relationships. This is a space where strengths are affirmed and that is engaging, safe and welcoming. During the summer we host weekly potlucks in the space that are open to our neighbors.

• The Giving Room - Food Pantry & Community Living Room
The Giving Room exists to invite God through His Church to meet our neighbors in places of both physical and relational hunger, and to empower the Church to walk side-by-side with our neighbors toward mutual growth and healing. We want to embody how the Kingdom of God – where Christ reigns, needs are met and suffering is redeemed – is here

• Church Partnerships
• School Partnerships
• The One Night Count (annual)
• Christmas Movie Night (annual)
• Promoting educational opportunities around the topics of justice, reconciliation, community development, etc.

There are many initiatives and projects for short-term and long-term involvement, and we would love to sit down with you, explore your passions/gifts and help equip you to serve the world around you! For more information, please contact Grace Lane at